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In this website you will learn all about medieval castles including the way they were attacked, defended and inhabited. Since it would be virtually impossible to hold such an immense array of information within one single page, I have broken it into many pages. I recommend that you read the following articles in order:

-History of Medieval Castles - Features the beginning and end of medieval castles. Additionally, it has many resources available for further reading.

-Castle Attackers - How were castles attacked? Which weapons were used a thousand years ago to overcome a castle's defenses? Learn about this here.

-Castle defenders - When a siege was evident, defenders deployed many traps to protect themselves. When this failed, and no possibility to attack was conspicuous, defenders often had to spend weeks or months resisting a siege.

-Medieval Castle Timeline - The medieval castle timeline shows how castles evolved through time.

-Castle Frequently Asked Questions - Features many questions and answers that have been asked to me through my e-mail. This is a great learning resource - remember that you may send more questions at

-Improvements to Castles After Gunpowder was Implemented into Medieval Warfare - After the Battle of Cracy, medieval warfare changed enormously. Castles had to be fortified in order to prevent cannons from hastily destroying a wall - and cannons were incorporated into a castle's defense as well.

-Why did Castles in the Medieval Times Change? - Why did castles change?

-Castle Rooms - Depending on a castle's size, bigger or smaller rooms were built. The king and queen had an enormous chamber very often.

For a complete reading of medieval castle history, read the medieval castle information page which is frequently updated.

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