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This is a list of the categories of castles located within this website.

-English Castles - Features English castles such as the Tower of London, Windsor Castle and more.

-French Castles - Among its castles are the Foix Castle, the Vincennes Castle, and more.

- German Castles - Features the Falkenstein Castle, the Wartburg Castle and more.

- Irish Castles - It includes an introduction to Irish castles as well as a brief description of the most important ones.

- Italian Castles - Contains information about the most important Italian castles including San Gimignano and more.

- Scottish Castles - The most important Scottish castles are located in this page along with a brief introduction and pictures of each one of them.

- Spanish Castles - Alcazar of Segocia, Castillo de Coca and Penafiel Castle are just some examples of the huge variety of Spanish castles in existence today.

- Castles From the Rest of the World - This page includes a list of the most famous castles not contained in the previous categories.

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