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As we all know, there are hundreds of thousands of buried treasures today. Of course I am not talking about chests filled with gold, but more about swords, coins or other smaller objects which we can also call "treasures".

The Middle Ages were a time of great wealth - many battles took place and most of the time, many weapons were simply left to be buried and they remain today under the soil which can be seen.

Metal detection is a new reality. As a personal experience, I lived in Norway for two years. It is there where I found two Viking coins which were more than a thousand years old! I was very excited and bought a metal detector thanks to which I found many other coins/artifacts.

If you are into treasure hunt, I recommend you to buy a good metal detector in order to find a hidden treasure. It is even possible for you to change history if your finding is good enough! Obviously it all depends on where you live - but nevertheless; our ancestors left a vast array of treasures waiting to be found.

To find a lost treasure, what you must first do is know where to look.

England is host to many treasures (especially in the South). If you live in a 200-year old house, it is very likely that a treasure exists. Of course do not limit yourself to metal detection as it is useful but not the only way to find a treasure - treasures can be everywhere including in your very own walls (if your house has a history, of course).

I have a cousin who bought a house in York. The house was 200 years old! When he noticed that one of his walls was hollow, he opened a hole right in the middle to see why it was that way. What he found was a sack full of medieval coins. The coins were of course brought there by previous house residents, but nevertheless; this teaches us that in past centuries (when no banks existed) people had to bury or hide their treasures. Some of them died and the treasures remain there.

Today it is estimated that in Europe there's many billion dollars worth of hidden treasures.

For the enthusiasts, I recommend Scandinavia, England, France, Spain and Portugal as great places to look for treasures. Always look near a past settlement or near a place which was inhabited.

Many laws exist today about medieval treasures - make sure to check them out first.

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