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-At Exeter castle, wine was used to extinguish fire from a siege. This happened in 1136.

-Spiral stairs in towers are designed to give defenders an advantage. When attackers are making their way up, the shape of the tower makes attackers expose more of their body to the defenders.

-The Black Death left many deaths. For example all the inhabitants of Cainhoe Castle, in England; perished from the Black Death. The castle was found abandoned some time later.

-Donnington Castle suffered the longest known siege. It lasted from July 1644 to April 1646.

-Medieval long-bows had a range of more than 200 feet.

-In the Dark Ages, people believed that swords were blessed due to their cross-shape.

-166 houses were destroyed to build Lincoln Castle.

-Heated sand was used in medieval warfare. When interlopers attacked during the day, the sand accumulated on a castle would be thrown at them. Heated sand has the effect of penetrating an armor and of making a person run away.

-The only five-sided keep in England is located in Mitford Castle.

-It has been proved that Framlingham Castle is built under a Saxon cemetery.

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