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It is not possible for one to fully write about the Middle Ages in a single article. Henceforth, I have made a complete list of articles contained within this site for the sole purpose to provide you with as much information as possible. I strongly recommend that you read the following articles in order:

-Introduction to the Dark Ages - This page features information about the period that spawned Europe from the V to the XV century.

- Medieval Life - How did people live during the Middle Ages? Were there many diseases? Read this article which contains many sources for your study.

- Medieval Warfare Required Reading - This page features links to many resources about medieval warfare including important battles, retreating techniques, and much more. Additionally you will learn about the ways a castle was stormed and defended including the improvements castles suffered throughout the ages.

- Medieval Castles - This page features a huge amount of information about the history of medieval castles which is required for you to have a good understanding of medieval history.

- Medieval Feudalism Feudalism was the most important practice in medieval Europe. It successfully enriched the king while stopping foreign invasions.

- Medieval Glossary - For you to completely understand the articles contained within this website, it is extremely important that you get used to the medieval nomenclature. Henceforth, you should try to memorize as many terms as possible which are contained within this excellent resource.

- Medieval Facts - This page features hundreds of facts about the Medieval Times.

- Medieval Kings - Kings were the fundamental part of the medieval system. They controlled vast areas of land and held enough power to wage war at another kingdom.

- Medieval Knights - We all imagine knights as strong and noble. How true is this claim? What were knights after? How many knights existed? Read this article to find these and more questions.

- Medieval Plague - During the Middle Ages, plague was very frequent. Read this excellent article to know exactly what happened and how many deaths were accounted to plagues in general.

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