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The following articles are meant to provide both students and teachers with a full knowledge about medieval life. I have arranged the following articles in hierarchical order for a better understanding to be had:

- Brief Insight into Medieval Life - Features the life of most medieval people during the Middle Ages. Additionally, this article includes many resources for further reading and links to other pages.

- Life in a Medieval Castle - How was life in a medieval castle? It is a common belief that inhabiting a castle could be a remarkable experience; but how true is this statement?

- Medieval Feudalism - Feudalism is the system that managed most of Europe from the X to the XXII century. It's importance is very remarkable for it successfully expelled the Vikings and other invading tribes from Europe...

- Medieval Health - How was the health of a regular medieval peasant? Was, as some say, medieval health based purely in religion?

- Medieval Knights - Knights are often portrayed as strong and noble, but what was the purpose of their existence? Were they really lovely and noble to their beloved, or were they something completely different to what we are shown every day? Find out!

- Medieval Sorcery, Witches and Spells - Witches were feared throughout the Medieval Times, reason for which many torture devices were designed specifically for them. Medieval people were very superstitious which made them fear witches, sorcerers, spells, cats and more.

- Medieval Housing
- The better the house one inhabited, the wealthier he looked. This was true throughout the Middle Ages and it is still a reality today. This article's scope is to acknowledge the reader into the way houses were used, who inhabited and where they were situated.

- 1 Day of Being a Peasant - A peasant would often spend much - if not most - of his time working the land in order to make a living. This article is divided in 24 sections all describing what a regular peasant would do during each hour of the day.

- How was Food Acquired During the Medieval Times? - This article's main scope is to inform the reader about the different kinds of food and how it was acquired a thousand years ago.

- Medieval Gold and Jewelry - Jewelry was a very important aspect for medieval people since gold itself represented the most effective way for merchants to sell their goods. Additionally, medieval people were also obsessed with jewelry, most notoriously the king and queen.

- Medieval Entertainment - What did peasants do to entertain themselves? Did kings celebrate feasts for diversion? Learn this and more in this article.

- Medieval Folklore - Robin Hood, Mythology, Witches, Dragons - read these and more stories in this section of this site.

- Medieval Literature - The Middle Ages were not a time without any art or science. As a matter of fact much literature did exist and you may read all about it in this page.

- Medieval Agriculture - For most peasants, agriculture meant their whole life. Kings, nobles, lords and knights all depended in agriculture for their survival. Serfs were the ones in charge of working the land. Agriculture was a very important practice which was done in all countries and in every town. Agriculture was far more important than fishing and hunting, but you should read more about this in this article.

- Medieval Torture - What inspired fear in peasants and supposedly reduced crimes committed during the Middle Ages was torture. Torture has existed since the very beginning of humanity, but it was during the Dark Ages when its use became even much more widespread and began to be used to punish heretics, thieves and other criminals.

- Medieval Crimes - Features information about crimes, punishments and more.

- Medieval Professions - Ranging from spies to smiths, everyone capable had to have a profession.

- Medieval Life - For more information about medieval life, make sure to visit this section of

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