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The Black Death - Posterior Effects and Benefits

As they say, everything bad has to have something good coming along with it. The Black Death was not the exception. After 40% of the European population was swept because of a plague coming from Asia, technology and many medical discoveries took place.

Before the Black Death, health was in the hands of the church completely. This, however, changed because after the Black Death is was noticed how the church was unable to completely manage the people's health and thus; many new doctors and medicine schools opened to be able to control future plague breakouts.

For better or worse; guns, crossbows, medicines, etc. have to be attributed to the Black Death - this happened because for 150 years after the Black Death, a need to generate technology arose. William Shakespear does mention this in his work.

Fortunately not only did weapons get invented - but there was also a boom in alchemy, technology, medicine and mathematics.

As we can clearly see from this, the Black Death might have been necessary because so much death brought much more life in posterior years.

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