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The Bosporus Strait

The Bosporus

The Bosporus is a strait which separates the Turkish part of Europe with Asia. This strait connects the sea of Marmara with the Black Sea which has made this strait an strategic position ever since the Greek Times.

The Bosporus is 30 kilometers long with a width varying from 750 meters in it's narrowest spot - to as much as 3,5000 in the Northern part of the strait.

The name Bosporus comes from Greek Mythology in which Zeus turned lo into an ox for her protection. Additionally, according to another Greek myth, the Bosporus crushed any ship attempting to pass through until the Hero Jason finally tricked it whereupon the rocks became fixed and Greece's passage to the Black Sea opened.

The Bosporus had two castles protecting it during the Middle Ages - each on one side. This was so both could attack an incoming ship and in case of a siege, one could aid the other. The first castle built by the Ottoman empire to lay siege to Constantinople was the Anadoluhisari Castle which was built in the year 1393. Almost a century later, its counterpart built in the other side of the strait was the Roumeli Hissar.

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