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Dracula's Castle - Romania, Cetatea Poienari and Bran Castle

Two castles call themselves "Dracula Castle" today. Both of these attract many tourists who are fans of the Legend of Vlad the Impaler.

The question remains - which one is the true castle of Dracula?

After much investigation, it has been agreed by most historians that the real castle of Dracula resides in Cetatea Poienari in Romania. Unfortunately, Dracula picked a very difficult terrain which was good for preventing enemy armies from invading - but extremely bad for modern tourists who find themselves struggling the 1,500 stair climb to reach it.

This castle, however, is mostly in ruins. It is open all day for tourists to visit it but unfortunately there is not much to see and the main landscape has been changed because of a big factory occupying the same hillside as the castle itself. This combined with the lack of virtually anything makes it an undesirable place to visit it - the only factor which keeps attracting visitors is the fact that it was Dracula's Castle and he lived there for many years (he also impaled thousands of people in those very grounds).

Since, as mentioned above, the real Dracula's Castle is undesirable, another castle called Bran Castle dares to be called "Dracula's Castle" as well.

This castle was, unfortunately, just visited a couple of times by Vlad himself and whether he owned it or even lived there for a long period of time is completely unknown. However, the scary-looking towers and the creepy interiors are what make Bran Castle host to thousands of visitors per year.

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