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In, we are proud to have launched our new site, The Medieval Times which contains more up-to-date information about the Middle Ages. It contains information about the Crusades, medieval warfare, medieval life, the most important castles and much more.

Complete List of Medieval Articles as a General Reference and Guide

You can find a ton of information about the Dark Ages and medieval castles at the archives and the sitemap.

As a matter of fact, all the information contained at is available through those two resources. If you wish to simply skip all that looking and find an article of your choice, you are very welcome to use the Google Search Box at the top which will provide you with plenty of information for your medieval study.

If you still cannot find anything related to your study, I suggest you rephrase your keywords as this website does feature almost everything about the Dark Ages.

Remember that I can always be e-mailed at for any inquiries you might have related to this blog or the main webpage. Also please remember that this blog is made to complement the main page of and not to be separate. The reason why I am writing in this blog is beacuse of the amazing easiness of updates and editing.

Additionally, you might post your own comments regarding a castle or simply medieval information. I am sure this was a very nice implement onto this website.

Welcome Everyone to the Blog!

Welcome everyone.

The reason why I am making this blog instead of regular updates to my website at is very simple. First of all, this is much easier to update - since I travel a lot, as you can see in my travel blog, it is much easier for me to update this website periodically.

Additionally, this way of writing is much better as you are open to post your own comments about the articles I write (please note that I will immediatly delete any 'bad' comments).

Nevertheless, my original website at has a lot of information which you might want to take advantage of. I will only include in this blog the following:

A) Important events
B) Important people
C) Warfare
D) Castles
E) News (discoveries, etc.)
F) Dark Ages (In my original website I did not include anything about the Dark Ages in general... I will here)

G) General articles
H) Pictures of castles (the dark ages in general)

Note that definitions, armory, weapons and more is already available at I am just using this blog because it can be more easily updated.

As always, if you wish to contact me you may do so by writing to

Welcome to everyone,


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