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Alcazar of Segovia



This castle is very famous because of the continues persons that have inhabited it throughout the centuries. Some very important events have occurred in this castle. The coronation of Queen Isabel happened in 1474.

Many nobles have lived in Alcazar of Segovia. When the castle was at its peak, a conflagration, in 1862, torn some parts of the castle to ashes. Twenty years after, in 1882, it was rebuilt.

This castle is host of many urban legends. Some of which include that Walt Disney's inspiration for Disneyland came from here.

Today, Alcazar of Segovia serves the community as a museum.

Castillo de Coca



Castle of Coca has always been characterized by its luxurious interior and extravagant exterior. It consists of a moat and three walls; the gatehouse is very strongly built.

Because of its magnificence, Castle of Coca has been more of a palace than a castle. Considered as one of the best castles in Spain, Castle of Coca shows its mixture of civilizations notorious in its decorations. Arabic influence is conspicuous. We can see this by its beautifully decorated bricks composing Castillo de Coca's walls.

Today, the castle can be visited and it has an immense array of flowers on its gardens.

Castillo de Coca is located in Segovia province. It was built by the archbishop of Seville in the XV century.

Penafiel Castle



Penafiel castle was built in the XIV century by Don Juan Manuel. This castle is notorious for its narrowness. Even though small, in this castle there was a fierce battle in which thousands of people died.

The shape of Penafiel resembles a ship. The mountain on which it was built is very narrow; thus the harness of building Penafiel.

Penafiel means "loyal rock" in Spanish. It is called this way because the castle has been very loyal throughout the centuries to Castile.

All the walls are very thick and tall. This castle was designed to be "unconquerable" and, according to many historians the gatehouse is probably the best one in Spain.

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