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Falkenstein Castle



Falkenstein lies in the Harz Mountains. This enormous castle was designed to resist a siege and an invading army's attack. 6 doors separated the defenders from the attackers. Each door was heavily guarded and it included archer loops and other defenses.

Felkenstein castle was used for hunting purposes for many years; and today it hosts a large hunting museum so the world can see the might of this castle.

Wartburg Castle



Believed to have been established around 1067, Wartburg castle was completed until 1170. This castle housed many political and famous characters, the most notorious one being Martin Luther who from 1521 to 1522 translated the New Testament into German inside Wartburg's walls.

Wartburg castle is located in Eisenach and it was built on a mountain 1300 feet high. This castle's interiors are very luxurious, and even today it can be visited because it has turned into a museum visited by thousands of tourists a year.

Pfalzgrafenstein Castle in Germany

Pfalzgrafenstein was built in a rock situated in the middle of the Rhine river. This castle was built by Ludwig for the purpose of collecting custom duties from the boats passing through the river.

This castle's architecture ressembles a ship as it was a "floating stronghold" so Ludwig wanted it to look pretty much like a ship.

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