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Old Wick Keep

The Old Wick Keep is probably one of Scotland's older castles. It dates back to the early XII century when its construction began. It took the castle many years to be fully built - and even today we don't know the true size it once acquired, but it is believed that it was good-sized and it contained, not only the main tower of stone, but also many other outer fortifications and walls made of timber and earth (which was common at the time as it can be noted in the Medieval Timeline).

During the XIV century, the castle was acquired by lord Sinclair after an 8 day siege in which the defenders ran out of supplies and surrendered. The castle then changed ownership several times until its ruins in the late XVII century.

The true reason about the castle's destruction is unknown. As it can be seen in the picture above, the castle was not suitable for a comfortable life (evident in the windows) but was made as a military headquarter.

Old Wick Keep

This castle can still be visited today, and even though it doesn't feature much for the eye, the remains of some outer fortifications can still be seen if looked upon closely.

Corgarff Castle in Scotland

Corgarff Castle

This is Corgarff Castle in Scotland. It was built in the XI century during the Dark Ages.

This castle is host to a lot of folklore.

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