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Castel del Monte

This Italian castle features an octagonal layout as it can be noted in the image below:

Castel del Monte

The interiors are also octagonally shaped. In every exterior corner of the castle, there is a tower which was used for defensive purposes.

Even though this castle wasn't really designed for battle, it could still resist a siege if commanded properly by the defenders. It was a very solid fortification capable of withstanding a few months of attack, nevertheless; it wasn't really involved in any major battle and was instead more of a luxurious mansion for wealthy nobles during the Middle Ages.

The Castel del Monte was probably built by Frederic the Second as a hunting residence. The castle was slowly improved by future generations.

San Gimignano Castle in Tuscany, Italy

This castle is located in Tuscany, Italy. The towers features within the castle are enormous - and they would have been even bigger if the law had permitted it.

Gimignano castle was originally built during the Dark Ages by the nobles who had constant struggles between each other. These were separated by families which explains the constant change of the castle's ownership.

The castle's walls are connected by bridges which are very big in most situations.

Even though the walls and towers were very strongly built, miners still managed to demolish some of these when the castle was besieged.

Today, this castle still stands.

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