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Foix Castle



Foix castle was situated on top of a hill. Built in the XI century, its position was strategically chosen to defend the river that passed very near, and the whole town. Foix Castle was said to be "indestructible" and it proved to be that way for more than two centuries centuries until, in 1272, it was taken by force by French king Philippe the Bold.

Foix castle remained a prison until 1862; today, it's a museum.

Vincennes Castle in France

Vincennes castle is located in Southern France. It was, at one point, a very luxurious stronghold inhabited by French kings.

Vincennes castle has, however, lost much of its luxury as centuries have passed since it was built in the XIV century. Nevertheless, it has been widely used for an immense array of purposes - most notoriously as a porcelain factory and as a prison because of the immense dungeons located underneath.

This castle is also very well designed as it features a seemingly perfect symmetry which took much work by medieval architects to accomplish.

Many round towers can be seen in the castle's exterior which were primarily for defense purposes. Of course, this castle was very strong and feared by enemy armies.

Avignon - Vaucluse - Castle, France

This medieval castle was built in France because the pope was exiled to France.

Avignon Castle

Avignon Castle was very luxurious. It also features an assymetrical style in which buildings were arranged in an ordered way.

Many gargoyles can be seen in the exterior of the castle's walls. Additionally, Avignon castle is a combination of French and Italian style which made it a very strong fortification.

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