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Castles wouldn't really be castles if it wasn't for all the ghosts that exist within them.

There is plenty of information and folklore which leads us to believe that the once existing inhabitants of a castle never left the place and remained within the castle's walls even today.

It is said that whatever happens inside a house or castle remains there forever regardless of the time being. This, believe it or not, might be true after such cases of ghosts and phantoms are studied in castles which once featured feasts, kings, peasants and victims.

I will review the most common castles of Britain, Ireland and France - which seem to be plenty to fill an entire article such as this one.

Powderham Castle - Powderham, Devon

Powderham castle was built in 1379 by Sir Philip Courtenay - making this castle one of the oldest family homes in England.

This castle has been inhabited since it was built - and it continues to have occupants today.

Very recently, a new section in the castle was found - a secret passageway. This made the inhabitants very curious about who built it and where it went only to find that it led to nothing important at all. Ultimately, it was discovered that inside that secret passageway itself, was a hollow wall which uncovered, after being destroyed, a secret room containing the bones of a woman bearing her baby.

The remains were taken to the Church in Powerdham. Nevertheless, this didn't seem to please the spirits for they have haunted the castle ever since. Their origins - who they were - and why they were abandoned alive in that dark room, are unknown.

Taunton Castle - Taunton, Somerset

Taunton castle is among the most expensive castles ever built. The money came from Sir Thomas Hungerford, who decisively built the castle as a seemingly lasting stronghold.

Shortly after it was built, Sir Thomas got into trouble because he fortified it without a proper license from the king. He, however, received a royal pardon shortly after. The castle after many years was transferred to his son, Walter.

Walter fought alongside Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt. Walter's son, Robert, was captured and spent seven years in a French prison.

Today, the spirit of Thomas is said to lurk Taunton Castle. His death is a mystery and many claim that the tortured body hidden in one of the castle's chambers (which was later found) was his. Little is known about this, however.

Sherbone Old Castle - Sherbone, Dorset

In this castle, a gray lady seems to be roaring the place. Countless sources state that she goes directly from the passageway into the kitchen and then disappears just as she turns around the corner.

Future investigations led to believe that underneath that very kitchen was an Anglo-Saxon cemetery in which, surprisingly, a very old lady was sacrificed.

Unfortunately for the current castle inhabitants, this is not it - as there are even more ghosts walking around the castle. It is said that during a very lengthy siege, Sherbone Castle suffered many casualties, but it did not surrender. Among its casualties were many knights who are said to wander the place looking for that last battle.

Corfe Castle - Wareham, Dorset

Corfe Castle is situated amid many cliffs giving it a superior advantage against attackers. Nevertheless, today it is completely destroyed and only a couple of walls in bad state remain.

This castle was extremely big and its construction began as early as in the XI century by William the Conqueror. It wasn't finished until King John converted it into a royal palace, however.

Soon after it was finished, it suffered the consequences from the Civil War in which it perished caused by a betrayal.

The Parliamentary army gained possession of the stronghold whereupon they destroyed it within a couple of weeks.

In the mid of this destruction, a woman with no head was spotted several times. Today, tourists have spotted the same woman who is said to be looking for her resting place - which she cannot find because of the destruction that took place in the castle back in the day.

When one visits this castle, the sadness and coldness is conspicuous. Shortly after entering the remains, one can feel a cold chill passing through the spine - which tells us that something happened there - and it's still happening even today after 600 years.

Old Wardour Castle - Nr Shafterbury, Wiltshite

This castle suffered a great tragedy when it was besieged by a force of around 1,300 Parliamentary forces in May, 1643. Lady Blanche alone decided to make a stand before the attackers - she was accompanied by only 25 loyal retainers.

The attackers thought that a quick victory was at hand. Nevertheless, Lady Blanche only surrendered after two mines were exploded under her walls five days later.

Wardour Castle was then taken by the Parliamentary force which garrisoned it and strengthening it in a way. Unfortunately for them, Lord Arundell died - reason for which his successor returned with a small force to besiege the garrisoned castle.

The siege lasted four months and it was retaken by the Arundell family. Nevertheless, the ongoing sieges had made a great damage for which the family had to live in a corner inside the castle.

Lady Blanche was then spotted many times by the family. It was then said that she had been abused, tortured and killed. Her remains, of course, haven't been found but many believe that they are still hidden in one of the passageways of the castle which is still destroyed.

Modern tourists have spotted her as well.


As you have seen throughout my writing, it is very probable that ghosts do exist. Unfortunately, there is no proof to sustain this, and I am quite sure that we all know deep inside that they do as a matter of fact exist.

The more I study paranormal phenomena, the more I realize that ghosts are very different from what most people believe. I have been very frequently asked the question, "do you believe in ghosts?" - I can only reply that yes, I do believe in ghosts but unfortunately, I have never seen one. I have studied hundreds of them, but I am not among the lucky ones who have seen them.

I have however, heard, smelled, felt paranormal things going on right where I am - but a full manifestation is still something that has not happened to be regardless of how frequently I put myself in the situation.

I have walked at night in a cemetery when there is nobody else with me - and I have to accept that I have felt different feeling all at once - including a feeling of being watched. Seeing a ghost with my sight is not something that has happened - at least yet.

Feel free to write your comments about these castles, and if you have any more stories, please do write them as comments as well. I am eager to hear what my readers have to say about this.

I will continue to write more paranormal stories within the paranormal section so make sure to check back this website often for more information and news about this amazing subject. I am very sure that you will like them as I continue to explore more castles and, hopefully have a paranormal sighting at some point of my life.

I will surely write about it when it happens. In the meantime, castles, here I come!

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