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When Was the Last Person Burnt During the Inquisition

The Inquisition did burn thousands of 'heretics' throughout its process.

The last burning organized by the Inquisition was in 1834 - just 170 years ago!

The Head Vice Medieval Torture - Common During the Inquisition

During the Inquisition, new ways for torture were sought - that is ways without "breaking any skin" as the church dictated.

The Head Vice did not break any skin by itself, but it was nevertheless; very deadly and painful.

What did the Head Vice consist of? For Heretics, the church could sentence them to death with the Head Vice - a device just big enough to fit the victim's head which would be tightened eventually crushing the victim's teeth and breaking bones. Ultimately, the victim's eyes would fall out of their sockets.

This was, of course, a very innovative torture and also very messy. Reason for which, torturers sometimes preferred to make another vice instead of cleaning the one with the person's eyes on it. Of course meaner executioners took advantage of this and simply used it with all the remainings on the new victim - which were quite frequent.

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