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The Robber and the Thief - Dracula Story



After Dracula's exile, he was once living in a small home when a police officer was pursuing a robber who entered into Dracula's house.

Dracula instead of helping the officer capture the thief, stabbed the officer in the back because he "didn't ask for permission to enter his house".

This is the reason why in some Dracula novels and books, vampires are said to be unable to enter a person's house without being invited first.

Dracula's Castle - Romania, Cetatea Poienari and Bran Castle

Two castles call themselves "Dracula Castle" today. Both of these attract many tourists who are fans of the Legend of Vlad the Impaler.

The question remains - which one is the true castle of Dracula?

After much investigation, it has been agreed by most historians that the real castle of Dracula resides in Cetatea Poienari in Romania. Unfortunately, Dracula picked a very difficult terrain which was good for preventing enemy armies from invading - but extremely bad for modern tourists who find themselves struggling the 1,500 stair climb to reach it.

This castle, however, is mostly in ruins. It is open all day for tourists to visit it but unfortunately there is not much to see and the main landscape has been changed because of a big factory occupying the same hillside as the castle itself. This combined with the lack of virtually anything makes it an undesirable place to visit it - the only factor which keeps attracting visitors is the fact that it was Dracula's Castle and he lived there for many years (he also impaled thousands of people in those very grounds).

Since, as mentioned above, the real Dracula's Castle is undesirable, another castle called Bran Castle dares to be called "Dracula's Castle" as well.

This castle was, unfortunately, just visited a couple of times by Vlad himself and whether he owned it or even lived there for a long period of time is completely unknown. However, the scary-looking towers and the creepy interiors are what make Bran Castle host to thousands of visitors per year.

Where is Dracula's Corpse Being Kept?



The place where Dracula's body is being kept is unknown. According to tradition, they are in a coffin underneath a monastery in Snagov Lake. Of course when archeologists went to confirm the legend, they found several corpses but all of them had a head - contrary to the well documented fact that Vlad the Impaler's head was removed by the Turks and then taken to Constantinople.

Of course the monastery wasn't completely searched and that leaves room for possibility of the corpse being hidden in an undiscovered chamber. Nevertheless, the legend also states that the corpse was in fact buried underneath the entrance of the Slagov monastery - which was dug and nothing found.

It is also believed that the corpse of Vlad the Impaler himself simply disappeared. When archeologists found an empty coffin with ancient crosses and some prayers, paranormal fanatics were fascinated. The origins of this mysterious coffin are unknown and whether it belonged to Dracula or not - is a mystery.

Additionally, the monastery of Slagov is very near a lake which makes it extremely humid and thus; most corpses decomposed making them completely unrecognizable. Dozens of corpses have been found underneath the monastery, but of course; all of them had a head as I stated above. Except the empty one, obviously.

Dracula Short Stories - Folklore and Myths - Vlad the Impaler



Dracula was both feared and revered. The stories below are all partly true and partly just myths. Of course the myths come from the truth, but the real veracity of the following stories is unknown. The truth remains, however, that Vlad the Impaler (AKA Dracula) was very cruel and enjoyed impaling his enemies.

The Cup of Gold

Vlad was so obsessed with honesty among his kingdom that a single lie could mean a person's demise. This is not to mention a thief - who would be ultimately tortured and impaled.

Vlad was so confident about his kingdom's honesty that during his reign he placed a cup made of gold in a public plaza for people to drink water from. The sole requirement was for the user to return the cup after its drinking from it. During Dracula's reign, the cup was never stolen because any thief certainly knew what would await him if caught.

The Merchant's Money

A merchant was traveling through Dracula's kingdom when he remembered about the supposed honesty in it. He had nowhere to stay and the night was falling so he decided to leave his cart full of coins in a public plaza and go to sleep elsewhere.

In the morning, the merchant found 160 coins missing from his cart. Very depressed about this, he informed Dracula about his loss and Dracula promptly told him to stay in his palace for the night. Dracula then ordered his guards to find the thief or else he would destroy his whole kingdom and impale everyone within it.

Dracula secretly sent the 160 coins to the merchant's cart plus another coin. The next day, when the merchant returned to his cart, he was very pleased to find the 160 coins. When he went to thank Vlad the Impaler, he mentioned the extra coin. Vlad told the merchant that the thief had been caught and was being impaled at the moment and that if the merchant hadn't mentioned about the extra coin, he would have been impaled too.

The Seven Kids

Vlad was once walking in the streets of his kingdom when he told one of his guards, "drop this sack full of golden coins in front of the public plaza and tell me who picks it up. - handing a sack full of coins to the guard.

The guard then thought to himself, "how would Dracula know if I don't drop them?" so he decided to steal them for himself.

The guard then decided to blame seven kids for his own atrocities so he went to Vlad the Impaler and informed him about seven kids who stole his coins. Vlad ordered the guard to find them immediately or he would be impaled.

The guard did as Vlad said and went to the plaza to pick seven random kids.

When Dracula looked at the kids, he sent them all to be impaled. He then told the guard to have a feast with him to watch them die. When they were eating, Vlad asked the guard about the sack of coins and the guard said that he had been unable to find it.

Vlad had previously placed some paint inside the coins for whoever was guilty to show that incriminating sign. When he looked at the kid's hands, he was unable to see any paint; but nevertheless, having seen the guard's hands he saw that exact same paint on his hand.

Vlad then realized what had happened and was furious because of his own guard stealing the gold and blaming seven kids for it. For the kids, it was too late because even though still alive, they were half way impaled. Dracula then looked at the guard with burning fury and ordered his skin to be ripped off and fed to the dogs without killing him.

Afterwards, the guard had a small hole made in his abdomen from which his intestines would be fed to a mouse... slowly. Before the mouse could finish his work, Vlad sent the guard to be finally impaled in a stick very tall and very thick for the whole process to be slower.

Vlad's Mistress

Vlad had a mistress in his castle who he adored. One day, when Vlad was very tired and depressed, his mistress decided to cheer him up. She told Vlad a lie about her being pregnant. She fully knew Vlad's honesty policy, but nevertheless lied about it. Vlad told her to never lie about such a serious matter, but his mistress kept to the lie.

Vlad had her examined by many doctors and they all came to the conclusion that she wasn't pregnant. When Vlad received news about this, he made a huge cut from her breasts to her abdomen and left her to rot for everyone to see that he was tolerant to nobody.

The Poor and Old

Vlad was one day pondering about the poor and old in his realm. He didn't know what to do about them because they were a burden to society and he knew it. As a solution, he invited all of them to have a feast in his castle - the rooms filled with the poor, sick and old. Vlad then ordered all of them to be properly fed and given wine. He then made an appearance and ordered a toast. He asked, "do you want to have no problems?" - when they all replied "yes", Vlad disappeared and ordered his guards to close the castle and burn it to the ground. Nobody survived and Vlad backed this up with "I don't want any poor, sick or old in my kingdom for they are only a burden."

The Rotting Army

It is estimated that Vlad impaled more than 30,000 enemy soldiers. During his greatest revenge, he ordered a full army of approximately 15,000 soldiers to be impaled for "making a forest so he could properly eat."

When they were all being impaled, Vlad ordered a feast made while watching all of the impaled enemy soldiers agonize in pain. When a Turkish army marched toward Transylvania, they returned home after seeing the "forest of rotting men" which Vlad had left the previous year.

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