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Hello, my name is Joaquín. I'm a Spanish folk who loves everything about castles, the way they were built, and everything related to this amazing subject. This page is intended to help students gather information about castles in an easy and comfortable way.

This website is almost add-free. Meaning there are no ads (except in the homepage). In my opinion, ads are very annoying and they just lower a visitor's satisfaction when visiting a webpage.

Another feature that this site contains is its very easy navigation. When I decided what to make of this site, I thought of an easy way for students to reach information. I have visited many sites out there with literally thousands of pages. 1 page in my site has more information than a thousand of theirs; that's as bad as it gets.

And if that wasn't enough, I've also put together everything that can be found together on every other castle's website. The obvious exception is a complete list of castles, but still, I've managed to post as many as time allows me.

If you're a student that wants to copy-paste what's contained on my site directly to your school paper, think again. Teachers are not dumb.

If you're a teacher wanting to use any of my writing to expose it in class; then you can use anything contained in this site. I even encourage the use of my website for teachers.

Please don't take pictures for posting on other websites. These pictures have been sent to me by friends and people whom I've met on the internet; it's quite obvious that they wouldn't want an stranger posting them on their own homepage.

Below every page there is my e-mail and a link to the homepage. This is also made as a means of easy navigation and, to encourage students to ask me questions about whatever inquiries they might have. I check my e-mail on a quasi-daily basis. If you're a student, also remember to just send me specific questions about something that you don't understand. I won't do your homework for you.

Last but not least, "humane errare est" I now my site contains some typos and grammatical mistakes; and it's my intention to get rid of them. It results extremely hard for me to re-read everything I've written to-date. If you have found a typo/mistake/grammatical error/inaccuracy/misspelling... please send me a polite e-mail and tell me about my mistake. I will correct it as soon as time allows me.

Now, having said all of this; I welcome you to delve into the world of history and castles. A much better world than you can imagine. But don't forget to live it. Don't study about castles because "you have to get a good grade." Live in them, inhabit them. Make your own stories, imagine. I'll assure you'll get a much better grade than you thought possible. Learning is about living. Not reading.

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